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Platinum Ink Jet Media

Our Platinum Brand of papers are an arrray of product from many different manufacturers, we select products that are unique, high quaility with better pricing than Name Brand products.  We test them on our Epson printers for quality, durability and price.  If they pass our inspections, we then select few customers for field testing.  Once approved by our clients, we bring that product in under our Platinum Brand Media.  We have Canvas, Fabric, Polyesters, Photo papers, Vinyls and much more for Aqueous and Solvent printers.

If you have not tried Platinum papers, give us a call for a special price on your first order. 

 Platinum Photobased Papers

 Platinum Metallic Photo Paper

 Platinum Art Media

 Platinum Graphic Media

 Platinum Adhesive Vinyl Matte & Glossy

 Platinum Specialty Media

 Platinum Canvas

 Water Color Paper 300g