Sihl Inc. Solvent Media


Sihl - global leader for digital print substrates. We produce an unparalleled range of films, papers, and specialty materials for inkjet, solvent, UV curable, latex and toner-receptive wide format plotters, printers, and presses.

We are a group of companies with legacies that tie us to the start of nearly all of the important technologies that put ink on paper.  Our name, Sihl, is from the river in Switzerland on which the founders built a paper mill in 1478 to fill demand that followed Gutenberg’s invention of mechanical movable type.  Across the next five centuries, Sihl, and the companies that became part of today’s enterprise, started as pioneers and became champions in their fields.

At the start of digital printing, we were there … Pen-plotter, electrostatic, dry-toner, liquid-toner, inkjet.  As the leaders in technology development for digital printing (HP, Canon, Epson, Xerox and a host of others) put more intelligence, higher resolution, and faster speed into their printer hardware, we maintained an unwavering commitment to develop print medias optimized for each technology advance.

  3698 Imola™ Photo Paper Pearl

  3333 Truecolor

  3948 Instant Dry Satin Canvas

  3670 Imola Photo

  3209 QuickSTICK™ Aqueous Adhesive Backed Fabric

  3507 Rocket Photo Satin

  3988 Classic™ Vinyl PSA

  3391 SyntiTec™ 7 mil PP Grayback

  3635 Standard™ / Contempo Vinyl PSA

  3357 Pacifica II Matte Photo Paper 180

  3515 PolySOL™ Roll-up Film

  3166 ClearSTICK™ Adhesive Clear Film

  3162 Vision™

  39443944 SuperSorb™ Photo Paper Satin

  3642 Spirit II Screen Positive Film

  3604 SMART™ Banner Vinyl

  4583 T-Printz™ Universal Light Fabric Transfer

  3335 TrueColor™ 180 is a best in class, bright white, matte paper. The instant dry, matte finish pro